What is Detox 5?

Detox 5 is a 5-day medically supervised residential detoxification programme that treats people who have an addiction to heroin and other opiate based drugs including methadone and codeine based painkillers. We use light sedation, allowing many people to sleep for the first few days of the process. This is followed by naltrexone, the opiate-blocker, for a recommended 12 months; this is available through daily oral medication prescribed by your GP.

Who is Detox 5 for?

The detoxification process is one small but vital step in an abstinence based recovery focused pathway. Our success rate is over 97%, i.e. drug free on day 5, which compares very favourably with longer reducing detoxification programs that many service users find hard to complete.

Factors that influence a successful detox

Motivation / readiness
Detox 5 is an abstinence based, recovery focused, detoxification programme. As with any intervention, readiness and motivation to engage with the process and willingness to participate fully to make it work is highly important. If you want to come through Detox 5 you must be ready to be opiate-free and willing to participate fully with the programme, as well as being aware of your part in remaining drug-free.

Drug use level / duration
There is no hard and fast rule about how much or little someone should be taking, or their drug career length. We assess every service user individually to make their detoxification safe, and as painless as possible. The programme of Detox 5 is suitable for all types of opiates, whether prescribed pure opiates, synthetic opiates or street derived substances. However, people may have to experience a more wakeful detox if they are on higher levels of Methadone or Benzodiazepines. Some service users may be excluded on the grounds of medical or psychological conditions.

Post-detox support / plans
We therefore insist that you have a robust post detox plan to ensure effective support following discharge from Detox 5. From Detox 5 we offer a 12-week telephone follow-up service, on-call nurse support and link in with community support services.

Why Choose Detox 5?

  • 7765 detoxes completed
  • Success rate of over 97%
  • Safe and comfortable
  • We are a preferred provider for Bradford & Airedale drug services
  • Recovery supported by opiate blocker in tablet form


I could never have done it without the help of Detox 5. The nurses, the staff, everyone there is great, very understanding no matter what your circumstances may be. However, I think that it should be funded by the NHS as many people would be helped.

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