Detox 5 Outcomes

Completion Rates

Since the beginning of 2009 over 97% of service users admitted were successfully discharged opiate free.

Post-detox Outcomes

The following figures are taken from a sample of 435 service users who were detoxed between January 2010 and December 2011.

Outcomes at 3 months:

  • 173 (39.77%) didn’t respond to follow up.
  • Of the remaining 262 a total of 251 (95.80%) were still opiate free and 11 (4.20%) had relapsed.

Outcomes at 6 months:

  • 244 (56.09%) didn’t respond to follow up.
  • Of the remaining 191 a total of 179 (93.72%) were still opiate free and 12 (6.28%) had relapsed.

The above figures were collated from a combination of feedback from service users, GPs and records from our outpatient naltrexone clinic.

Why Choose Detox 5?

  • 7765 detoxes completed
  • Success rate of over 97%
  • Safe and comfortable
  • We are a preferred provider for Bradford & Airedale drug services
  • Recovery supported by opiate blocker in tablet form


I have continued to go from strength to strength in getting my life back on track. I now have a life.

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