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Going to Detox 5 is the best thing I have ever done. Thanks to the programme & all of the amazing people that work there, I've been able to turn my life around after a 17 year heroin addiction.

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Accessing the Detox 5 service

Referring to Detox 5 is simple - whether funding yourself, or if you live in an area where the NHS or DAATs will fund your treatment.

What must be in place?

Detoxification is a key early step on the path to recovery from opiate addition. It is vital to have a robust aftercare plan in place to ensure the best chance for success. Prior to admission 3 key people must be in place and on record with Detox 5.

  1. Doctor/ Medical Referral either from a GP or Community Drug Team professional. We ask for as full a medical history as possible prior to admission, and could require blood tests etc. If the person opts for oral naltrexone, the referring doctor often prescribes this. Download Referral Form.
  2. Nominated Supervisor this is often a parent or partner. This person must be drug-free and prepared to monitor and support the person in their recovery, in addition to supervising the administration of naltrexone and encouraging them to attend appointments, etc.
  3. Key Supporting Recovery Professional whether a nurse, social worker, drug worker or counsellor, a nominated key person will support the person’s recovery and re-integration, and liaise with Detox 5.


Cost needs to be considered in terms of final outcomes as well as the amount you pay. Detox 5 has a 97% success rate which compares very favourably with other programs.

Treatment OptionCost
(inc. vat)
5-day detox £3,258


What is included in the price of the detox?

These costs are fully inclusive and cover:

      • Care and monitoring by a specialist psychiatrist, medical practitioners and a nursing team that specialises in opiate detoxification
      • Psychological screening
      • Physical screening, including ECG (heart tracing) and blood tests
      • All detoxification medicine
      • All meals
      • Private en-suite bedroom with television
      • 12 weeks personal telephone aftercare support provided by our clinical team
      • 24 hour / 365 day dedicated helpline staffed by our clinical team


It is important for you to discuss funding options with your GP. Not all NHS PCT Trusts fund drug treatment in private hospitals.

Alternative Treatment Options

Not all individuals have the same experience with addictions. Some have severe multiple addictions to non-opiates, such as alcohol or benzodiazepines. We can discuss appropriate treatment for these additional needs.

Our 12-day inpatient stays for heroin and methadone detox, as well as other opiate detox and drug and alcohol addiction costs £5,960. A 19-day stay for opiate detox AND treatment of acute psychological illness, such as severe depression, costs proportionally more. Please discuss with our clinical team whether or not you think you might have serious complications and are in need of an extended recovery period.

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