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Detox From Heroin In 5 Days

Detox 5 is a safe and effective 5 day opiate detox programme. We detox people from all opiates including heroin, methadone, morphine, codeine and more.

The 5 day programme is medically proven as a safe and comfortable treatment with an excellent completion rate of 97%.

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Recently Added

Dr Amal Beaini, consultant psychiatrist and clinical lead for Detox 5, has recently recorded a series of short video clips in which he answers frequently asked questions about different aspects of the Detox 5 programme. To view the clips please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Why Choose Detox 5?

  • 7765 detoxes completed
  • Success rate of over 97%
  • Safe and comfortable
  • We are a preferred provider for Bradford & Airedale drug services
  • Recovery supported by opiate blocker in tablet form


Doing very well clean of all others as well won't be coming back. Working hard thanks to all the team at Detox 5.

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